WhatsApp: with the new scam they steal the profile picture and ask for money

WhatsApp: with the new scam they steal the profile picture and ask for money

Not a week goes by without one being reported scam via Whatsapp. On the other hand, it is one of the most used messaging services in the world and it is quite normal for attackers and hackers to focus their attention on it.

Some of these scams are, unfortunately, more than verified, others, like the most famous of the Martinelli video they belong to the sphere of the imaginary.

The profile photo scam

But the new scam that travels on WhatsApp it’s about our profile picture and it’s quite unpleasant. In practice, hackers copy or steal our profile picture and use it to create a fake account, which simulates our staff.

At this point, they use the fake profile created with our photo to ask for money from our contacts. And this is the point on which the police are investigating. If in fact, it is child’s play to copy the image of a profile, it is another thing to know the contacts of a directory.

Somehow, however, the scammers begin to send Whatsapp messages with which they ask for money for charitable transactions or, more simply, a top-up with Poste Pay, embarrassing, without our knowledge, the people who know us and think they have a dealing with the real user. These often fall on the net and also pay small amounts which, however, multiplied by many users, generate important scams.

Council to avoid falling into the Whatsapp scam

At this point, two tips: never reply to messages via WhatsApp asking for money, even if we think we know the person who lists us asking; change this profile photo with a generic image that cannot be directly connected to our person. Better, however, allow only friends to see our photo: to do this, the path is very simple: settings-account-privacy-profile picture-my contacts.

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