The call recording function arrives on Android: here are the limits

The call recording function arrives on Android:It has been talked about for some time, but now we are at the final grasp. Google is about to introduce the call recording feature on its Android operating system . A method that is widely requested by many users but which, precisely because of the different implications regarding privacy, has seen Big G proceed with great caution.

The call recording function arrives on Android

As mentioned, it will therefore be possible to record conversations, albeit with some precautions. First of all, the recording of calls will be possible only for owners of smartphones with the Android 9 Pie operating system or later; moreover, the activation of the mode will be signaled by an acoustic signal that will be heard by both parties both at the beginning and at the end of the recording.

To record a call, just press a button that will appear in the Phone app that will receive an update for the occasion.

It remains to be seen in which countries Google will decide to bring its new feature. The Colossus of Redmond has been studying the privacy laws of the countries in which it operates for some time and intends to make its new mode debut only if there is the certainty of not incurring any regulatory problems.

The option to record the calls would be ready, or at least in the final bars. Its launch is approaching, but Google has not yet officially said in which countries it will launch the new feature.

The call recording function arrives on Android

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