The Berlin IFA also falls victim to the Coronavirus

The Berlin IFA also falls victim to the Coronavirus

A release that was in the air and which, unfortunately, now has the official streak. Me too’Berlin ifa, the largest consumer electronics fair in Europe, scheduled for next September in the German capital, will not be held.

At least it will not be held in the usual exhibition space of the Messe Berlin. In fact, a provision by the German government has decided that events beyond the aggregation of more than 5,000 people cannot be organized until 24 October. An ordinance that puts the organizers of the IFA out of action, which every year attracts around 300 thousand people from all over the world.

# IFA20: Set for an innovative concept designed for unprecedented times.

IFA Berlin is set to go ahead in 2020, but with an innovative new concept, following the decision by the Berlin government to ban all events with more than 5,000 participants until 24 October 2020.

– IFA Berlin (@IFA_Berlin) April 21, 2020

For now the organizers have done well with a tweet, saying that the IFA will be held anyway, even if it is not clear how. Soon the new plan will be made public which, for the moment, is difficult to interpret.
The limitations could be circumvented by anticipating a series of events scattered throughout the city, somewhat along the lines of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, or (and this is undoubtedly the least desirable hypothesis) digitized and transformed into a series of webinars which, however, would only serve to spread the interventions of the personalities who speak every year from the stage of IFA but it would neutralize what is the essence of the event, that is the meeting between companies, professionals and end consumers.

The Berlin IFA also falls victim to the Coronavirus

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