Samsung is the queen of 5G smartphones

Samsung is the queen of 5G smartphones

Their 5G craze continues to attract more and more names from the telephony sector but, to date, it seems that only Samsung does the real business.

According to The Korea Herald, the South Korean company currently controls the 34.4% of the entire 5G market spending no less than 8.3 million 5G phones in the first quarter of the year. An impressive result even if Huawei is not too far with its 32.2% and 8 million 5G phones shipped.

Other companies such as Vivo, Xiaomi and OPPO have also moved well but right now it is Samsung the queen of 5G smartphones.

Apple, where are you?

As it is easy to notice, a big name is missing from the list: Apple. Considered to be Samsung’s main rival, it will launch its iPhone 5G later this year when sales of 5G smartphones are expected to boom.

And while many expect Apple to outperform Samsung in terms of 5G phones sold, there is no doubt that Samsung is playing its cards right. The South Korean company initially launched 5G support only on its high-end phones which are obviously the most expensive, thus limiting the adoption of the new technology, but is now veering on mid-range phones to ensure a greater market share.

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