Motorola Razr, Android 10 improves the Quick View display

Motorola Razr, Android 10 improves the Quick View display

The Motorola Razr first smartphone with a flexible display of the manufacturer headed by Lenovo receives the software update to the latest version of Google’s operating system, Android 10. And to benefit from it is the display in particular, but we refer to the Quick View, the 2.7-inch external panel that now offers improved interaction features with the user with the shell closed. It is, in fact, an element of extreme importance for the role it plays in the user experience: it has the task of limiting the opening of the smartphone as much as possible for a whole series of high-frequency activities such as viewing notifications, reading messages and much more. So let’s see in more detail the new features introduced with the update.

Among the novelties, we find the ability to access favourite contacts sliding your finger on the mini display to the left. Thanks to Smart Reply and the new Quick View keyboard it will also be read and respond to messages from the most popular apps messaging.

The front camera has also been the subject of attention. Now Offers New Modes – Group Selfie, Portrait Mode and Spot Color – which allow better self-timer results. Access to the camera is also simplified, possible with a simple swipe to the right of the finger on the display. Using the Quick Capture function instead, a simple rotation movement of the wrist is sufficient.

Another novelty that will please the owners or aspirants of Motorola Razr, is the expansion of the compatibility of the external mini display with some of the most popular apps. In fact, it can now host also Google Maps, for turn by turn navigation, Spotify, YouTube and Pandora. The package of improvements closes with the arrival of new themes from which the user can choose.

L’update to Android 10 for Motorola Razr is already available today. It will be automatically notified by the system. For those who did not have the patience to wait, they can immediately download the update by searching for the update from the dedicated item in the Android Settings menu. As always, the update does not delete or alter the user’s personal data. However, backing up the most important and most important content remains an operation that we always recommend to use for prudence.

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