LG wants a dual-screen smartphone that rotates

LG wants a dual-screen smartphone that rotates

We often hear and read that smartphones are increasingly similar. And if the design has evolved considerably in recent years, it is difficult to prove that these claims are wrong. Except for models with a pop-up camera or folding screen, the vast majority of phones on the market use the same format with a large front screen and a rear glass with a two, three or four camera module.

According to the information reported by the Korean websites ETNews and Herald Corp, it seems that LG wants to offer a slightly more original format and, after trying with an integrated dual-screen smartphone for its LG G8X ThinQ, it would like to go further.

The two sites indicate that LG is working on a device with two screens, one of which rotates 90 degrees and offers the code name “LG Wing”, allows you to enjoy a display both vertically and horizontally, particularly useful for games or mobile videos.

“The 6.8-inch main screen is accompanied by a 4-inch secondary screen with a 1: 1 ratio,” says ETNews.

The idea would, therefore, be to have a small square screen that allows access to some secondary functions such as editing a photo after capturing it using the main screen or consulting the information while watching a video. According to Herald Corp, the main screen of the smartphone could however rotate to go vertically and therefore hide the secondary screen if the user does not need it.

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