Joker, It: Part Two and The Lost Yeti are among the highlights of the A1 Video Library in March

The Joker, It: Part Two and The Lost Yeti are among the highlights of the A1 Video Library in March

In March A1, the Video Library will attract the attention of movie lovers with more top movie productions, with highlights including Joker, It: Part Two and Lost Yeti. The hit title rental service is available for subscribers to the new A1 Xplore TV. The selection of films in the A1 Video Library covers proposals from a variety of genres, suitable for viewers of all ages. Movie fans can enjoy top titles at an affordable price soon after movies are no longer available in movie theaters.

An example of such top movie production is The Joker (2019). – one of the most acclaimed titles in recent months. Joaquin Phoenix has been honored with a number of honors for his role as Arthur Fleck, including the Golden Globe Award from the BAFTA British Academy of Film and the Academy Award 92 edition of the Academy Awards. The Joker also won an Oscar for Hildur Gudnadotir’s original music, and a total of 9 Academy nominations, in addition to over 100 others from various prestigious competitions. The fact that Robert De Niro also stars as Murray Franklin in the star cast is not neglected.

The Joker has been going on for a long time already 1981 year. The story is about Arthur Fleck, a failed comedian who is rejected by society and takes on the path of crime and chaos in Gotham City. Viewers witness the inner struggle of the protagonist when his life becomes a constant harassment at work, on the street and at home, by relatives, colleagues and strangers. As a result of the rejection, Arthur alienates himself further from the public and drastically decides which of the two masks he wants to live in.

Another highlight of the A1 Video Library in March is “It: Part Two,” based on Stephen King’s novel “To”. The story unfolds twenty-seven years after the Losers’ Club defeated the Pennyways. When people start disappearing in Derry, the gang must reunite and face their worst fears once again.

For Younger and Adult Children at A1 Video Library The Lost Yeti is also available, a cute animation that tells of little Yi, who discovers a yeti on the roof of the building in which he lives. She and her friends call her Everest and make friends with a huge baby. They are about to have a magical adventure to bring back to their family.

A1’s subscribers have the opportunity to rent their chosen films directly from their TV screen, and for even greater convenience, the platform offers them personalized recommendations according to their taste. An additional convenience is that you do not need to pay the fee immediately, but are automatically added to their monthly subscription.

The Joker, It: Part Two and The Lost Yeti are among the highlights of the A1 Video Library in March

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