Johnson switched tactics with coronavirus, betting on mass testing

In a video message, Johnson said testing was “the way out of the crisis.”Tens of thousands of ex-medics are returning to work in the UK

About 20,000 former employees of the UK health system have returned to work to help fight the crown.

“We are increasing mass testing. As I have said for weeks and weeks now, this (testing) is the way to get out of the crisis. This is how we will arrange the coronavirus puzzle.

He responded to criticism of his government, especially in the media, after officials revealed that only 2,000 of the half a million NHS staff were tested.
Wednesday’s figures show that 2 352 people with COVID-19 died in the UK, 563 more than the previous day, the highest increase for the day. Two of the deceased are medics.

Testing by the general public has also been criticized as insufficient. On Tuesday, 10,000 hospital patients and NHS staff were tested in England, well below the daily target of 25,000 and 70,000 in Germany. Various government publications have condemned the plans as “chaotic”, “scandalous” and “shameful”.

Coronavirus-infected Boris Johnson ignored medical advice at the start of the epidemic . Boris Johnson, who was among the coronavirus-infected people, ignored medical advice at the start of the coronavirus epidemic.

Currently, the UK is in a state of emergency with stores closed and people need to stay home to try to curb the spread of coronavirus.

The government has promised a huge package of support for businesses and employees affected by the measures, but is facing how to allocate the money over time. New figures show that 950,000 people have applied for state aid, known as universal credit, in the last two weeks. It is available to unemployed and low-income earners.

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