IPhone SE: 3 reasons to evaluate an Android alternative under € 500

IPhone SE: 3 reasons to evaluate an Android alternative under € 500

Last week Apple launched a new model of iPhone SE similar in design to the iPhone 8 but with updated hardware, once again offering potential customers a convenient alternative to its more expensive models.

For many, this is good news, not only for an economic issue but also because top-of-the-range iPhones like the iPhone 11 Pro have reached important sizes that not everyone can do well. Therefore, a new 4.7-inch iPhone it could be exactly the phone you need.

But be careful, why spend over € 500 on iPhone SE without evaluating an Android alternative? In this regard, here are three valid reasons to consider.

Obsolete design

First, the iPhone SE features an old-school design at a time when Apple is pushing so aggressively for the modern look of its iPhones. The 2020 iPhone SE looks like the iPhone 8 launched in 2017 and continues to feature a front Home button with integrated Touch ID. Not to mention the frames that are still huge.

Android alternatives are not lacking and some also have fingerprint sensors built into the screen, smaller bezels, notches and various attractive solutions.

Better value for money

While many are ready to buy the iPhone SE 2020 because “it’s an iPhone and has iOS”, a quick look at the Android world shows that there are many options that offer a very interesting value for money. Here are some examples with prices ranging from € 400 to € 500.

Large proposals:

Huawei P30 ProXiaomi Mi 9T Asus ZenFone 6

Compact size proposals:

Google Pixel 3a Samsung Galaxy S10e

Latest generation functions

And while the iPhone SE itself runs on next-generation hardware, including Apple’s new chip, there are several Android devices available at the same level that have so many features that you might only find on iPhone 11.

The living proof is Huawei P30 Pro, the top of the range par excellence of the year 2019 is equipped with a four-camera configuration on the back (the iPhone SE has only one camera) and a fingerprint sensor installed under the screen. In addition to this, we find other goodies such as quick refill and one 4,200 mAh battery which allows you to arrive late at night in any situation of use.

Obviously, if you are looking for compact size Google and Samsung’s proposals with smaller batteries but much larger displays than the iPhone SE are to be evaluated.

IPhone SE: 3 reasons to evaluate an Android alternative under € 500

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