IPhone 11 is the billionaire who can’t answer calls

IPhone 11 is the billionaire who can’t answer calls

The billionaire Warren Buffett, number 4 in the ranking of the richest people in the world, recently made the switching from an old-fashioned mobile phone to an iPhone 11 finding it incredibly difficult to perform basic operations like making a phone call.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Buffett explains that the same Apple CEO Tim Cook helped him get used to the iPhone but he still doesn’t know how to make calls or use apps.

“I happened in California and Tim Cook spent many hours trying to bring me to the level of a two year old boy. And he didn’t make it “adding that the iPhone 11 is an” incredible product “.

It is quite difficult to understand how someone who does not know how to use a product can say that this is “incredible” but Buffet preferred not to bring the iPhone to the interview for fear of not being able to answer someone.

Making a phone call with an iPhone (and actually also with an Android device) comes down to a simple touch on the phone icon but some people find it difficult to switch from old phones even if an iPhone has a shorter learning curve.

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