Greek expert: If there is no vaccine soon, there will be a real pandemic

Greek expert: If there is no vaccine soon, there will be a real pandemic

“As we all know, the epidemic can only be stopped by vaccination, and there are some encouraging reports in this regard that the first vaccines will become available in the fall or shortly thereafter. Let’s hope this happens; otherwise, we will face a real pandemic, “Mentis said.

The COVID-19 crisis in Europe continues, WHO talks about phasing out restrictions. Rising temperatures as summer approaches, he said, “can give us some time to catch our breath and time to study even better treatments. By the fall, there may even be a vaccine that will prevent the virus from spreading next winter. ”

Commenting on the use of Covid-19 testing kits, Mentis expressed reservations about the reliability of some of the products sold internationally, adding that molecular tests conducted in Greece are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Quick tests have the advantage of delivering results very soon after sampling, but they are not as reliable as molecular tests conducted at the Pasteur Institute and other certified laboratories,” Mentis says, adding that his institute processes between 300 and 500 samples day.

The expert notes that at this point a new coronavirus antibody test kit would be more useful in assessing the spread of the virus to the population. “If a large number of people are tested, it will allow us to see how many of them have antibodies, which means that at some point they have had contact with the virus. This information would be useful for health services to develop their strategy for the next phase, “he told ANA-MPA.

Mantis also spoke in favor of large-scale molecular testing, saying it would help identify people who are asymptomatic carriers and evaluate the impact of the virus on the population.

“Milder cases should probably be tested as they may require treatment, which is something that is not happening right now,” Mentis said, referring to the guidelines of the National Public Health Organization (EODY), according to who only patients with clearly symptomatic Covid-19 were instructed to visit one of the country’s reference hospitals for testing.

Greek expert: If there is no vaccine soon, there will be a real pandemic

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