Google Nest Wifi arrives in Italy today

Google Nest Wifi arrives in Italy today

With great timing Nest, WiFi arrives on the Italian market today. The innovative device works from a powerful router and Wi-Fi access point with Google Assistant. And he proves to be the ideal home companion at a time like this in which we are all, for work and leisure, for study and fitness, to say the least connected.

Coverage throughout the house

Nest Wifi is made up of two devices. The first is a router which connects directly to the modem with which it forms the basis of one home network well above traditional power standards. The second is a WiFi access point which extends coverage where there is more need with better speed and connection than the norm, compared to the already efficient Google Wifi. The two-unit pack can guarantee the coverage for a 210 sq m house. The system is scalable, it will be New access points can be added at any time to increase coverage. For those who already have a Google Wifi network, they can easily add a Nest Wifi access point for greater coverage.

Configuration and control? Google Home will take care of it

Setting up Nest Wifi is very simple. After connecting it, just download the Google Home app and follow the step by the step configuration wizard. Once finished, the app will allow you to manage both the network and other connected devices. And always via the app, you can share the Wi-Fi password with guests and assign a priority to the devices. But also check the network speed, set up a guest network or change the password. In addition, if there is a smart display at home like Nest Hubhere the description – it will be possible to share the guest network and the password from the display through a QR code. To access the Internet just scan it with your phone in a few taps.

Ecodesign object

The beauty of Nest Wifi is not only “inside”, that is, in functionality, but also outside. It is thought with eye to design. It has a sober line, with rounded edges, and produces a delicate light. And it is made with sustainable materials. The outer housing is made up of 45% post-consumer recycled plastic, while the access point housing is made of 40% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Integrated intelligent assistant

Another nice new feature of Nest Wifi is that the access point has a speaker integrated with the Google Assistant. So, just use your voice to get help, just like it does Nest Mini here the description -. It is the same for having a weather forecast or any other information. Other than listen to your playlist once connected to the speaker system. “Ok Google, what is the weather like tomorrow in Milan? “. Or “Ok, Google, how fast is the connection?” That’s all. And it is not a small thing.

Affordable costs

Google Nest WiFi-only router version costs 159 euros for the mesh router only, 139 euros for an access point. Also available a bundle for sale at 259 euros which includes both.

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