France: Over 200,000 people want to be farmers

France: Over 200,000 people want to be farmers

more than 200,000 candidates and we have 5,000 recruiters, Guillaume told France 2.

“We will not make these people cross the country; they will work close to their homes, close to farmers, but also in the food, transportation and logistics sectors,” he said. “It’s very important that these products reach the point where they can be sold.”
Guillaume appealed last month for a “large agricultural army” amid a blockade due to a coronavirus, causing tens of thousands to be cut off from their jobs and closing borders depriving farmers of their usual contingent of seasonal migrants.

The need for workers in the sector is urgent for harvesting asparagus, strawberries, tomatoes and other early season produce, and serious work is beginning in the livestock sector.

There is a similar initiative in Britain for the first time since World War II: “Feed the Nation”: There is no one to harvest in the country
In Bulgaria, the United Farmers Party called for urgent measures in the sector and proposed such measures to avoid paralysis in agriculture.

A home-stay order across the country also means growing inventories of non-durable goods for many manufacturers as restaurants, school cafes and other large customers remain closed.

Guillaume said it was urgent to maintain the smooth functioning of the food distribution channels in France, warning that in the event of a breakdown, “there would not be enough to feed our citizens.”

He also urged people to eat local produce: “If you can’t get to the countryside, the province will come to you – buy fresh produce, fruits and vegetables,” he said. “Buy fish, buy seafood!”

France: Over 200,000 people want to be farmers

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