Found a dangerous iPhone bug. A notification makes it unusable

Found a dangerous iPhone bug. A notification makes it unusable

A text message drives the iPhone crazy, sends it en masse and risks making it completely unusable. This is what, in these hours, emerged from a post on the popular social network Reddit, where a user posted the problem where it happened.

In a detailed post, we talk about a iPhone bug which, upon receipt of a certain string of characters, would put the smartphone out of use, forcing the user to perform complex recovery operations. The author of the thread explains that he received a strange message. Soon afterwards his iPhone stopped working.

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How to fix the iPhone bug

To solve the problem you need to restart your smartphone in DFU mode: this is the mode Device Firmware Upgrade with which you can restore iOS devices in emergencies.
It doesn’t matter how the message arrives, whether via iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger or other. The iPhone will freeze. In addition to the solution to restart in DFU mode, there is another possibility: that of update the device to the iOS software version 13.4.5 (currently only available in beta). In this way, no message will block your iPhone anymore.

The message that crashes the iPhone

But what is the message that crashes the phone? It is a text in Telugu language (an idiom spoken in central-southern India) accompanied, in some cases, by the icon of an Italian flag. However, from what is learned online, the Italian flag would not be responsible for the block, but only a local personalization of the message. In fact, what crashes the iPhone is the Telugu language, which is not supported by the phone. Here is the reason why the smartphone would freeze.

How to restart in DFU mode

While waiting for the update that fixes the iPhone bug to come out of the beta phase and be distributed to all customers, the only way to reactivate the phone is to restart it in DFU mode. To do this, you need to connect your smartphone to a Mac computer, turn off the iPhone and simultaneously hold down the power and home buttons for 10 seconds. At this point, release the power button and keep pressing the Home button until the Recovery mode starts.

Found a dangerous iPhone bug. A notification makes it unusable

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