EasyPol: Lombardy first to pay after the lockdown

EasyPol: Lombardy first to pay after the lockdown

With the partial end of the lockdown and the displacement of various administrative deadlines in May, even in an economic context hit hard by the crisis, the Italians and first the Lombards, return to address the issue of payments, resorting more and more often to innovative and alternative payment methods, compared to long queues at the counter and postal slips.

Thanks to the necessary precautions imposed by common sense and the strict restrictions in force to combat the spread of Covid-19, citizens and companies prefer digital payments as confirmed by the data provided by EasyPol, Roman startup that through the application on smartphone and web-app allows the payment of PagoPA notices, car stamps and various administrative taxes, in addition to providing trends and market data analysis.

Growing digital payments

National data are clear. Between the first quarter of 2019 and that of 2020, total digital transactions to the PagoPA node increased by 85.2%, going from 13.264.959 to 24.565.651. A growth that also confirms the greater propensity of Italians to use digital currency as pointed out also by the E-Payment Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano which summarizes the numbers of 2019 highlighting a + 11% in the use of electronic money, + 55% for contactless transactions and a + 109% increase in mobile payments.

Today, despite a slight 15.7% decline in digital transactions recorded between April 2020 (2,774,049) and the same period of 2019 (3,289,363), mainly caused by the economic instability that hit the country during the lockdown , digital payment flows have resumed which allow transactions in absolute security, not just IT.

Milan, for example, in the first week of May recorded an increase in the number of payments on EasyPol equal to 44.5% of the whole month of April. Payments mostly related to car, motorbike and trailer stamp duty of 151.2% and fines of 29.6%. Nationally, where Lombardy is confirmed as leader in digital payments to the PagoPA node, Lazio, Campania and Piedmont are also growing, demonstrating how much, in this “phase 2”, Italians are choosing a queue-less, or queue-free, approach to make their payments.

“The data collected confirm the effectiveness of our project which has perfectly responded to the needs of Italian citizens by offering a tool for digital payments that is already useful in normal life, but essential in the lockdown period,” he comments Matteo Preziotti CEO and Founder of EasyPol, which adds: “In contrast to the payment trend of the PagoPA node in April 2020, we recorded an increase in our market share of 23.5%, thanks to a significant increase in payments on a monthly basis.

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