Diving mask? No, oxygen machine!

Diving mask? No, oxygen machine!

The coronavirus pandemic has made respirators one of the most important devices in the world. Oxygen devices are increasingly needed in hospitals that treat the most severe cases of Covid – 19 and literally save lives. Due to the increasing number of critically ill patients, respiratory apparatus is extremely inadequate, and is currently being searched 10 times more than available in hospitals around the world.

To cope with this situation, some hospitals are forced to resort to non-standard solutions. Thus, Erasmus Hospital in the Belgian capital, Brussels, has been able to turn a simple dive mask into an oxygen machine for patients suffering from COVID – 19.

“We have already done the necessary tests and know how works, and production begins on Monday. When we receive these masks and patients who need them come, we will be able to provide them, “Frederick Bonnie, a respiratory physiotherapist at Erasmus Hospital, told AFP.

Although it covers the entire face, the mask is put on and removed very easily. It is far more comfortable than hospital masks that stick into the nose and mouth, injuring the skin. Another advantage is that it is placed on the patient without needing to be incubated.

“These (masks) should be used for patients with severe respiratory problems. The purpose is to avoid incubation of the trachea of ​​the patient. (Bonnie), who is also a university professor.

How exactly do masks turn into oxygen apparatus and what opportunities this opens, read here.

Diving mask? No, oxygen machine!

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