COVID-19: YouTube lowers streaming quality in Europe

COVID – 19: YouTube lowers streaming quality in Europe

Alphabet’s YouTube online video platform has announced that it will reduce the quality of its streaming in the EU to avoid overloading the internet at a time when thousands of Europeans forced by the coronavirus are working from home and watching video at home, Reuters was quoted as saying BNR.

“We are committed to temporarily transfer all EU traffic to the default default resolution,” and the company in a statement.

Such measures first launched by Netflix. The companies response is in response to calls from European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton streaming platforms to downgrade their video quality to prevent Internet blocking.

The agency notes that the video takes the lion’s share of the traffic

The decision came after Breton spoke with Alphabet Chief Sundar Pichai and YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki. The company notes that they are currently reporting several peak times when using the platform, but have decided to take steps to reduce system load.

European telecommunications companies – from Vodafone to Deutsche Telekom – are reporting a jump in traffic. recent days that prompted Breton to make the call before the crash.

COVID – 19: YouTube lowers streaming quality in Europe

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