Coronavirus measures hit the money for Facebook

Coronavirus measures hit the money for Facebook

Facebook said the coronavirus pandemic is drawing more users to its free apps, which undermines the revenue from ads that depend on the world’s largest social network.

Online voice and video calls in Messenger and ” “WhatsApp,” have doubled in locations heavily affected by the new coronavirus, according to a vice president’s analysis of com Alex Schultz, AFP reported.

“As the pandemic grows and more people avoid physical contact, it also means that many more people are using our applications,” said Parich and Schultz.

Much of the increased consumption is related to free Facebook posts that do not generate advertising revenue, according to Schulz.

“We do not earn much from the services we see increased engagement, and we see a decline in advertising your business in countries that have taken ag massive action to reduce the spread of COVID – 19, “he said.

Facebook, which has more than two billion users, is among the many companies expected to take the brunt of the crisis , which has already changed many user and online habits.

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Coronavirus measures hit the money for Facebook

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