Calls from Tunisia. Don’t answer the ringing scam

Calls from Tunisia. Don’t answer the ringing scam

In technical jargon they are called Ping Call. In Italy we call it ringing scam. A scam, in vogue for a long time now, which in recent weeks has undergone a resurgence. We too received these phantom calls and we also saw ourselves calling continually from Tunisia.

How calls from Tunisia work

But let’s go in order. Have you ever heard your cell phone ringing and not having time to reach it, pick it up and answer it. If the answer is yes, you too have probably been victims of a scam attempt. The important thing is not only that you have not answered, but above all that you have not called back those numbers.

The scam is packaged in two moments. In the first, hackers make your cell phone ring once or at most twice. In all likelihood the call comes from a prefix unknown to you, very often from tunisia (prefix +216), more rarely from Great Britain or Eastern European countries. And so far nothing happens. If you answer, you will not find anyone on the other end of the handset, nor pay anything.

There the second phase is the actual scam. Many people even notice a few hours after losing calls. Some do not recognize the number, others do not understand that it is an international prefix. Someone else still believes that calls from the mobile phone are all included in their plans.

It is when one of these numbers is called that the actual scam starts. In fact, you are diverted to paid numbers or services, able to pluck you in a few seconds, those necessary to understand that no one will answer you, even 10 or 15 euros.

How to defend yourself from the scam

It is a problem well known also to our law enforcement and to Interpol, which in the past has already neutralized numerous numbers but putting hackers in the bag is complicated because they move quickly, do not give reference points and, above all, often they are not located in the country that corresponds to the number called. Blocking numbers also makes little sense, since the bad guys are calling from several numbers and we will hardly be able to block them all.

In short, we have the chance to defend ourselves. That’s enough do not answer international calls of dubious origin and, above all, never call back these numbers if we find missed calls. Let’s just block them, for what it is needed, and delete them.

If we act carefully, the fraud of calls from Tunisia will become ineffective and will not harm you. For the joy of your wallet.

Calls from Tunisia. Don’t answer the ringing scam

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