BAS presented innovations for combating coronavirus to the Council of Ministers

BAS presented innovations for combating coronavirus to the Council of Ministers

Two innovations for combating the coronavirus were presented by BAS scientists to the Council of Ministers in bulgaria, where a government meeting is being held today (10 March).

From the explanation it became clear that one innovation is a molecule that can help treat coronavirus and the other is about mask protection.

The first innovation is the work of Micar 21 “and it works on no for 4 years. It is a minimolecule for coronavirus processing, not specifically for COVID – 19, but for all strains studied so far, prior to the Chinese virus, they were 7. From laboratories in Europe has positive reviews and clinical trials are expected within 2 months, said Kostadin Petkov, chairman of the Sofia Tech Park Supervisory Board.

“We believe that by the end of the year, when the Bulgarian supercomputer is released, it should be modeled sufficiently accurately to anticipate the consequences of any such critical situations, “said Petko the situation of coronavirus.

The second innovation is de facto ready. It is an active charcoal of apricot kernels that can be put on protective masks. Charcoal has a very good absorption effect in terms of fungi, germs and viruses, say BAS. Prime Minister Boyko Borisov acknowledged that for the masks native production has a problem – there is no activated carbon, but it is needed. However, BAS has a apricot kernel product that is ready and can be used commercially. More: “The Council of Ministers only comes with a mask and after a measured temperature.”


The Head of the National Crisis Staff for Coronavirus Professor Dr. Ventsislav Mutafchiiski stated that the Council would already adopt an approach for declaring measures in two main types – for zones with infection and zones without infection. There is no need for too steep measures for areas with no proven infection – above all, social distance must be respected; meter – meter and a half in communication . “Only perhaps there should be restraint for halls with many thousands of seats,” said the Crisis Staff chief, considering the discontent in the cultural sector. By tomorrow, 11 March, proposals will be made for what measures to take in infection and non-infection zones .

Mutafchiyski explicitly emphasized that children are the least affected by the coronavirus, to which Borisov responds: “I’m glad they are the future.” field tests for coronavirus because they give very false results – both positive and negative. That’s why lab tests are needed. According to him, it is a worldwide practice that it takes at least 6 hours to determine whether someone is coronavirus or not .

It became clear and that at 18: 00 hours today, 10 March, there will be an extraordinary European Council, but in a conference call on the Internet. An attempt to export 7500 masks from Bulgaria tonight is also prevented.

“We are starting to lose tens of millions every day. Our fuel alone is a loss. 15% “, said the Prime Minister, and predicted that” we will get into such a severe financial and economic crisis that we will have a hard time “,

Borisov also stated that he would ask the EU 130 for EUR million to equip the Border Police in the event of a sudden migrant crisis

BAS presented innovations for combating coronavirus to the Council of Ministers

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