As Badoo changes, the app to find a soul mate

As Badoo changes, the app to find a soul mate

It was 2006 when Badoo made its debut in the digital world as a website to meet new people and build friendships based on your personal tastes and interests. The digital world then evolved quickly and Badoo managed to keep up with the times by moving to the mobile world of apps. There Badoo social app over time it has continued to update itself to be closer to the wishes and behaviors of its users.

Speaking of numbers, Badoo boasts over 470 million users worldwide.

Getting started: profile and functionality

To start using Badoo just download the application for Android or iOS smartphones from the respective app stores (Play Store is App Store) and create a profile with your data. One of the first essential things is to upload your photos. The advice is to choose carefully because our images will be the first (and often the only) impact of who we will meet in the app. Do not cheat, put normal photos, taken on vacation, at work or in everyday life. They will be much more appreciated than artifact shots and too laid. You can register from scratch or register with Facebook.

Once the profile has been created, you choose interests: set your preferences and the application will show you the users with whom there is affinity.

Check the profile

If you want your account to be more reliable, it is advisable to verify your profile. Over time, the procedure has been simplified. Now, by accessing the verification section, just take a photo, in the same position as the image that is proposed to you. Very simple.

On the main page you can always scroll through the photos of the people registered. After viewing a profile, you can discard it, appreciate it by pressing the heart icon or step forward with the Broom button.
Depending on the settings chosen, the contacts will be shown based on the pre-selected position, gender or age.

What if we like someone? All that remains is to put a little heart in it and wait for it to come back to start chatting.

The Badoo app always in your pocket

Among the aspects of Badoo app there is the possibility to check your data at any time. For example, you can see who has visited our profile, who we like and who we have been added to as favorites. Thanks to geolocation you can also meet people who frequent the same places.

Safety first. In an app with sensitive data such as this, security and privacy are paramount. Therefore, at the time of registration Badoo marks with a blue tick the verified profiles that have demonstrated with external tools (telephone, Facebook, etc.) that the contact registered is real and not a fake. Checks are also made on the photos and until Badoo moderators verify and certify the user, they will not receive the blue tick.

Finally, to avoid trolls or being harassed by unwelcome users, they only have two messages to attract our attention, then they will no longer be able to contact us.

The paid section

The Badoo app, once almost completely free, has now become paid. In the sense that it can be used for free but access to free functions is now very limited. If you really want to find a soul mate with Badoo you need to make in-app purchases, buying special credits that give access to numerous functions. It starts from 3.5 euros for 100 credits (just to understand a Sbandata costs 50 credits) up to 2,750 credits for 52 euros.

Find close people

Geolocation offers the possibility to find the soul mate closest to you. Once this function is activated you will be shown photos of nearby users with the respective photo and the distance in kilometers from you. By clicking on the image you will open the profile of each.

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