A particle accelerator is looking for a killer for COVID-19 in Australia

Particle accelerator is looking for a killer for COVID – 19 in Australia

Australian scientists use the largest particle accelerator in the Southern Hemisphere to help quickly track the detection of COVID vaccine – 19.

The Australian synchrotron in Melbourne uses intense X-rays emitted of electrons passing through the accelerator to examine key proteins in the virus, said program director Andrew Peel, Acting as a microscope, the accelerator allows researchers to construct 3-D maps at the atomic level of proteins so that they can develop drugs that bind to the virus, potentially preventing or treating the disease .

“We direct light at the proteins and the light scattered by them tells us where each atom is in the protein molecule (on COVID – 19),” Peel said.

“You need to know what protein looks like to be able to pro you are stating a drug to attach to it, “he added.

” It’s like designing a lock key, you need to know the size of the lock opening. ”

Researchers from all over the world they have sent dozens of protein samples to the Melbourne team that they believe can be linked to the COVID – 19 virus in a way that can minimize or prevent disease Yes, Peale said.

“Using our technology, within five minutes you can understand why a drug works or doesn’t work when it comes to binding to the COVID – 19,” Peale said, resembling the process of completing a puzzle.

The government-funded project hopes fast-tracking technology will shorten normal time to develop effective vaccines.

Particle accelerator is looking for a killer for COVID – 19 in Australia

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